COVID-19 Measures

Health and hygiene measures to prevent and reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This document presents guidelines, for both Curi-Cancha Reserve employees and visitors, to help minimize or prevent the spread of COVID 19. Recommendations made by the Costa Rican Ministry of Health and Tourism Institute were taken into account in the preparation of this document.

Curi-Cancha Reserve is committed to protecting the health of our community, visitors and employees and, therefore, we appreciate your cooperation and understanding in the implementation of these measures.

Download our Mutual Responsibility Agreement

1. Visitor registration and entry protocol

2. Protocol for guided tours

3. Hygiene and cleaning protocol

Protocol for Curi-Cancha Reserve employees

Responsible for Protocol

Guadalupe Cruz Rodríguez – Administrative Assistant at Curi-Cancha Reserve – is responsible for this protocol.

For any questions or notifications related to this matter, please contact her at 2645 6916 / 8448 8283 or via e-mail at

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